It allows you to add or remove components from Windows
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WinComponents is an excellent system management program that allows you to remove or install system applications and components from Windows without having to open another window or look for a component that you don’t know exactly if it is already installed. It has a component list with names and sizes. The list is divided in twelve principal categories. Each category can be expanded clicking on the plus sign and the components included will be shown. The components already installed are marked. When you select a component you can see on the left the action and details for the selected component including: name, path, size and description. If you don’t want to open all the components to search for one of them, you can utilize the search option. You can install a component marking it on the list, or remove it unmarking and applying changes. By default it creates a system restore point that allows you to avoid problems. If an error occurs during the installation, the changes will be reverted. Some applications need the Windows Installation disk in order to be installed. In the Preferences window you can specify the installation source locations, mark or unmark the option of creating a restore point, and other options. The price described is for a single user license, check the buy URL for more details.

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  • It creates a system restore point when adding or deleting a component.
  • There are many useful hotkeys defined that can speed up your work with the program


  • Only Windows XP/2000/2003 operating systems are supported
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